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Pulse Technology -- Recover, Don't Replace Your Batteries !


Battery Sulfation - Battery Sulfation is a wasting disease that kills 80% of batteries worldwide.  PulseTech's patented Pulse Technology cures the sulfation problem.  It is the ultimate solution for removing sulfate crystals from lead-acid battery plates.  


There is enough reactive material in the battery to keep it working for many years.  However, over time sulfates build up until battery efficiency is reduced,  preventing the battery from accepting and releasing energy, dramatically shortening the battery life until it dies.  Pulse Technology removes and prevents the sulfate crystals, allowing room for the energy exchange to continue.m a paragraph.

Extend the Life of Your Battery Up To Three Times - Through years of product development and independent scientific evaluation, it has been proven that if used routinely, Pulse Technology can extend battery life cycles up to three times.  This reduces overall costs and environmental waste.  Pulse Technology uniquely positions PulseTech's line-up of battery maintenance products and no other known battery charging/maintenance system offers these specific restorative maintenance characteristics.  

How It Works - Pulse Technology is delivered to the battery through a circuit which is independent of the charging circuit.  This patented, high-frequency pulse waveform is of a specific amplitude and frequency that is precisely controlled by microprocessors.  It rises rapidly in less than one microsecond to its maximum amplitude and gradually returns to zero.  There is no abrupt stop and no battery drain.  This waveform occurs 25,000 times a second and has been PROVEN through university and military studies to remove sulfation from the battery plates and return the lead sulfate back to the electrolyte solution.  

Visual Proof of Pulse Technology Results - The photos below are from an independent study comparing Pulse Technology to conventional battery charging.  The photos show actual batter plates after various charge and discharge cycles, which reveal the benefits of charging with Pulse Technology versus charging with a conventional charger.  The top row shows plates from actual batteries charged using PulseTech's patented Pulse Technology.  The bottom row shows plates from batteries charged with a competitor's conventional charger.  Note the development of lead-sulfate on the development of lead-sulfate on the conventionally charged plates in the bottom row.

Even after hundreds of cycles, the batteries charged using Pulse Technology have no sulfate accumulation, ensuring the batteries will still perform at maximum peak capacity.




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